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This week, we’re taking you to a town in Illinois called Dunlap for our Farmer Leader Feature on Illinois Soybean Association Director Stan Born. Stan, who grew up on a farm in Shelby County, Illinois, was destined to be a 4th generation farmer. But, before taking that role, Stan took what he calls a “brief 33-year sabbatical” to use his Chemical Engineering degree…

This week, the World Soy Foundation released the 2014 Fall Update. These program updates, typically provided bi-annually, outline some of the exciting work that WSF is doing around the world.

This harvest, U.S. soybean farmers have been spending countless hours in the fields—gathering a portion of the food and feed for the rest of the world. As a farmer, seeing that tank on the combine fill up quickly with high-yield soybeans is sure to spark a grin. And, pushing that button on the master control lever to pour part of a season’s worth of work into the bin brings an accomplished feeling.

Did you know October 16th is World Food Day? It is an internationally recognized day where individuals everywhere come together to declare a commitment to eradicate hunger during our lifetime, and discuss what actions can be taken to achieve this (Learn more here).