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The Power of Soy

What's the Power of Soy?

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Many farmers aren’t aware that there is an alternative to writing a check or swiping a credit card to make a donation to the World Soy Foundation—direct gifting of grain through your elevator…

Photo Credit: Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Malnutrition isn’t only a world issue that affects millions of people every day—including claiming the lives of 3.5 million children each year (WFP, 2014). It is something that stunts not only a person’s physical growth, but their mental potential, too. In countries where large percentages of the population are malnourished, the full potential of an entire population cannot be reached…

Young girl with soymilk photographic

For U.S. soybean farmers and our industry—the World Soy Foundation’s largest group of supporters—the Acre Challenge is a unique way to give back. The Acre Challenge was started BY farmers FOR farmers as a way to farmers and industry can come together to become a part of the solution to hunger and malnutrition…

Rob Joslin

This week, we are excited to tell you about Rob Joslin—a Grower Leader from Ohio—who has been a dedicated supporter of the WSF, and who recently was welcomed onto the WSF Board. Rob has been active in the American Soybean Association where he served five years as an officer—including one year as president…

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