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Bringing Nutrition to Life

Kids are kids. Their journey to health, happiness and a productive life starts with good nutrition no matter whether home is Minneapolis, Maputo or Mumbai. They need protein. 

Your support of the World Soy Foundation empowers food companies to improve the nutrition offered in local foods.

The World Soy Foundation helps local entrepreneurs, including many women-led businesses, to participate in the economic growth fostered by a soyfoods industry.

Soy Dairy Business Workbook Available in English and Spanish

The World Soy Foundation introduces the first edition of the Soy Dairy Microenterprises: A Business Plan and Workbook. The 70-page book is available in both English and Spanish. Thanks to support from the Monsanto Fund, the World Soy Foundation can make this new workbook available at no charge to entrepreneurs and hunger organizations around the world.

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How You Can Change Lives Through the World Soy Foundation

Support of the World Soy Foundation means more children can have the strength and energy necessary to learn and to dream. Today’s well nourished child is everyone’s hope for a brighter tomorrow for all kids.

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The Power of Soy has brought smiles to Guatemala

U.S. soybean farmers are helping alleviate hunger and malnutrition around the world by donating the value of one acre of soybeans or direct gifting of grain.
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Current News

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Farmer Leader Feature: Roy Bardole of Iowa
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Celebrate Soyfoods Month with us!

For the entire month of April, we’ll be celebrating the power of soy. The World Soy Foundation believes that soy has the power to reduce malnutrition in impoverished parts of the world, and we are dedicated to helping relieve world hunger using soy as a sustainable solution.

To help us celebrate, we’ve partnered with Minnesota Soybean for a campaign to help us continue reducing malnutrition through the power of soy! Starting April 1st, for anyone who “Likes” the Minnesota Soybean Facebook page, they will donate $5 to the WSF. In addition, for any “Shares” of their Soyfoods Month posts, they will donate an additional $5! Join us in celebrating and visit the Minnesota Soybean Facebook page starting April 1st!

Did you know…

Did you also know…

Be sure to visit our website, Twitter (@TheWSF) and Facebook page to keep up-to-date with what’s happening at the WSF for Soyfoods Month!

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What Does a SoyCow Do? She Can't Moo.

Let your colleagues, friends and family see the power of soy through a light-hearted, short YouTube video "What Does a SoyCow Do? She Can't Moo. Inspired by a Dr. Seuss story, the upbeat video showcases how the World Soy Foundation helps children grow, learn, play and become leaders in their communities. Stainless steel processors, called SoyCows, are one of the multiple tools that the World Soy Foundation uses to reduce malnutrition through the power of soy. You can help educate others by sharing this video and supporting the World Soy Foundation.