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Bringing Nutrition to Life

No matter where they’re from, all kids need protein. It’s essential in order for them to learn and grow to their full potential. Without the generosity of people like you, the World Soy Foundation would be unable to continue working to reduce malnutrition through the power of soy.

Your support will help us develop communities, educate people on good nutrition—including the benefits of soy protein—and provide direct distribution of soy products to help improve protein deficient diets. Consider donating and give the gift of protein today!

The Power of Soy has brought smiles to Guatemala

U.S. soybean farmers are helping alleviate hunger and malnutrition around the world by donating the value of one acre of soybeans or direct gifting of grain.

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Soy Dairy Business Workbook Available in English and Spanish

The World Soy Foundation introduces the first edition of the Soy Dairy Microenterprises: A Business Plan and Workbook. The 70-page book is available in both English and Spanish. Thanks to support from the Monsanto Fund, the World Soy Foundation can make this new workbook available at no charge to entrepreneurs and hunger organizations around the world.


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Acre challenge Month

This year, in just nine months, the WSF has raised over 85% of our goal of $100,000. The top supporting states of this spring have helped give the campaign an extra boost and we are looking to carry that momentum right past the 100K mark in the final three months!

Since March, over 160 more donors accepted the Challenge and have donated the value of an acre to the WSF—this puts the total number of donors for the year at nearly 450 individuals from 30 states. We have high hopes of surpassing this year’s goal to help further our mission and would like to thank each individual donor and recognize the top three supporting states for their extraordinary efforts in helping us get closer to that goal.

A special thanks to the 60 Iowa farmers who have given nearly $16,000, the 49 individual donors of Illinois who have raised nearly $13,450, and finally the 12 supporters in Missouri who have given just over $7,630 so far. These top three states understand the value of their soybean crop and continue to help the Foundation be part of the solution to reduce global malnutrition through the power of soy!

All month long, be sure to watch WSF social media and the “Current News” below to stay in the loop about Acre Challenge happenings! Help us surpass our goal and give the gift of protein today! If you’ve already given your acre, consider being a “Friend of Acre Challenge” and tell your fellow growers about us.

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