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World Soy Foundation Acre Challenge Tally At 77

March 5, 2009...Source: ASA Leader Letter...The American Soybean Association’s World Soy Foundation (WSF) Acre Challenge Campaign received a boost at Commodity Classic when one soybean grower from North Dakota wrote a check for $10,000 to WSF.

At the same event, Glauber Silveira, President of Aprosajo, the Mato Grosso Soybean Producers Association of Brazil, pledged one hectare of Brazilian soybeans. By the time Commodity Classic wrapped up, the number of farmers striving to fight world hunger through the Acre Challenge stood at 77.Farmers from six new states joined the effort to bring the total number of states represented to 17.

The goal of the campaign is to have 600 farmers signed up for the effort by the end of this fiscal year. WSF raised more than $23,000 during Commodity Classic from individual farmers. "The WSF Acre Challenge is something unique and practical that soybean growers can really put their arms around," said WSF Board Chairman Roy Bardole. "These farmers can relate to acres, bushels and the nutritional value of soybeans. When they donate an acre value of soybeans, they know they have helped with the crisis of world hunger and malnutrition."