Acre Challenge Pledge by Northern Food Grade Soybean Association Will Help Feed Hundreds of Hungry with Soy

February 16, 2010...The eight member companies of the Northern Food Grade Soybean Association have raised their own commitment to helping fight global malnutrition.

During the Northern Soybean Expo in Fargo on February 16, they pledged $1000 to the World Soy Foundation Acre Challenge.

"The Northern Food Grade Soybean Association’s support of the Acre Challenge will allow the World Soy Foundation to feed hundreds of malnourished kids with soy protein," said Executive Director Nathan Ruby who came to North Dakota for the Expo. "This contribution is a significant complement to the support of individual North Dakota farmers who are donating the value of an acre of soybeans to the World Soy Foundation Acre Challenge."  

2008-2009 was the inaugural year for the national World Soy Foundation Acre Challenge program. Soybean farmers from 21 states raised $50,000. This year, supporters like Jared Hagert of Emerado and his peers are seeking to triple that amount by the time farmers start planting again this spring.

The support is timely in light of statistics that show a record one in six people in the world is now malnourished.

The Northern Food Grade Soybean Association’s new Acre Challenge commitment builds on their past contribution of 20.4 metric tons of their product through the World Soy Foundation. That partnership with the Guatemala City Metropoli Rotary Club helped feed thousands of children.

"I just returned from Guatemala where I met children who benefited from the Northern Food Grade Soybean Association’s soybeans," said Ruby. "Soy protein is making a lasting difference in children’s lives. With proper nutrition, they can build strong minds and bodies."

The Northern Food Grade Soybean Association is also coordinating with the World Soy Foundation on future contributions to provide soybeans to the hungry in Haiti and other locations where soy protein is so needed.

The Northern Food Grade Soybean Association contributors are Brushvale Seed Inc. of Breckenridge, MN; Dakota Pride Cooperative, Jamestown, ND Richland Organics of Breckenridge, MN; Red River Valley Seed Company of Hillsboro, ND; SK Food International of Fargo; SB & B Foods Inc. of Casselton, ND; SunOpta Grains and Food Group of Moorhead, MN and Unity Seed of Casselton, ND. 

Headquartered at the American Soybean Association in St. Louis, the World Soy Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to bringing nutrition to life. The World Soy Foundation can put the value of one acre of soybeans to work against hunger. Forty bushels of soybeans, the approximate national average yield, will make 18,000 rations of soy protein to children and adults in locations ranging from Africa to Latin America to Asia.