Help More Kids Like Francisca Know Why Soybeans are Called the Miracle Crop

FranciscaFrancisca lives in the West African country of Ghana. Concerned about her lack of energy, the World Soy Foundation and Adventist Development and Relief Agency provided Francisca with soymilk. After only two months. Francisca’s family and teachers credit our crop for the fact that she now bubbles with energy and has perfect school attendance. The World Soy Foundation makes it simple to help hungry children like Francisca. One bushel of soybeans provides a significant boost of protein for 20 undernourished children for a month. One acre of soybeans provides approximately 18,000 rations of soy protein.

Acre Challenge Appeal

We would like to invite you to join a unique grass roots humanitarian project by donating the value of ONE ACRE OF SOYBEANS that you have produced on your own farm operation to help alleviate hunger and malnutrition around the world. Listen to comments from Roy Bardole, Iowa Soybean Farmer and World Soy Foundation Trustee.

Did you know?

How do I contribute?

Use the formula of $10.00 per bushel (or the average price at which you sold your crop) and apply that to your average yield to calculate your donation. You may want to donate more than one acre, there is no limit. You determine your own contribution.


Make a direct donation of grain at your cooperative/grain elevator. Ask your cooperative/elevator representatives to contact the World Soy Foundation. Our staff will then work with elevator representatives to provide the donor farmer with the documentation of the value of the charitable donation. Learn more about Direct Gift of Grain...

State-to-state challenge

Soybean-producing states are challenging each other to pledge to the WSF Acre Challenge Appeal. 

You have two options:

Download the Donation form for your respective state and mail or fax to us so that we can track your challenge.


Donate Online

Challenge others to help! 


Our Progress To Date

WSF at Commodity Classic


WSF Board Chair, ASA Past President and current Board Member Steve Wellman, & current ASA President Ray Gaesser find their farms on our Acre Challenge Supporters map at the 2014 Commodity Classic.
Photo Credit: Ashley Wightman





Donation of value of one acre of soybeans at Commodity Classic


Raeford, N.C. soybean farmer Earl Hendrix, pictured here with WSF Board Member, Barb Overlie (middle) and Mrs. Hendrix (right). Hendrix was one of the earliest Acre Challenge donors in 2008 and was a repeat Acre Challenge Donor in 2009 at Commodity Classic.



Brazilian Farmer donates value of one hectare of soybeans at Commodity Classic

Brazilian farmer joins in the Acre Challenge by donating the value of one hectare of soybeans while attending Commodity Classic in February.